Monday, September 9, 2013

Worth Another Look: Exit Through the Gift Shop

In the vein of Where's Waldo, 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' asks, Who's the graffiti ARTIST? Theirry Guttah? Mr. Brainwash? Bansky? AndyWarhol? ANYBODY?

One consistent theme in the reviews was the authenticity of the film: Was the film just an elaborate ruse on Banksy's part, or did Guetta really evolve into Mr. Brainwash overnight?  Glen Friedman, a prominent American photographer, successfully sued Guetta over the use of a photograph of the rap group Run DMC. French journalist Marjolaine Gout linked Mr. Brainwash with Jeff Koons & criticized Thierry Guetta's art as toilet papering.

More questions then answers, but a hell of an entertaining ride! Try it! You'll like it! 

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