Sunday, August 4, 2013

Post Pope Letdown

I'm not a Catholic, but I do feel a connection to the only western church that has some grounding in ritual, recognizes Godliness in lay women & men who can & do become saints & to the obvious veneration of Mary who is rarely even mentioned in other forms of Christianity.

When Francis recently became the Pope, I got downright giddy when I heard he was asking us to remember the poor, the downtrodden & to even have compassion & acceptance of GAYS! Whoa.

Then he tried to send me & more then half of the human race back into our corner of oppression. It's o.k. not to have women priests because it is not in the original 'doctrine' & Jesus was a man. Huh?

What a shame & what would Jesus have to say about this? What a shame to be present & affirming to men & children, but not to women. What a damn shame.