Sunday, September 1, 2013

La Maison Picassiette Festival of Lights: Chartres, France

"Raymond Isidore, the original house owner, began to build his house in 1930 & eight years later in 1938, he started to decorate his little house in mosaic. He was walking in the field when suddenly he was attracted by the flickering colors of tiny pieces of glass, porcelain & crockery. He collected & piled them in his garden. For this reason, he earn a mockery name as Picassiette means Pique (steal) assiette (plate). Some people define Picassiette as Picasso Assiette."  Feily Puspita

Since 1996, an international meeting of mosaics has been held every two years in Chartres. This event welcome the mosaic artists from 15 nations to win the awards - Prix Picassiette for professionals, amateurs insiders, amateurs & youths group categories. The next Prix Picassiette will be held in 2014 & I HOPE TO BE THERE!

 Chartres Cathedral Festival of Lights
Autumn Equinox September 21-22 2013


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