Friday, September 13, 2013

What a DIVINE Treat! YOYO 1965

In the vein of Fellini, Chaplin, Tati & Lloyd, YOYO could have been made in the 1920's or today, but is actually from a delightful series of black & white films made by Pierre Etaix in the 60's. 

'A French comedy master whose films went unseen for decades as a result of legal tangles, director & actor Pierre Etaix is a treasure the cinematic world has rediscovered & embraced with relish. His work can be placed on the spectrum of classic physical comedy, but it also stands alone in its good natured delicacy. Influenced by his experiences as a circus acrobat, clown & by the silent film comedies he adored, his movies are elegantly deadpan while radiating warmth. YOYO is collaboration with the great screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière & is not anything less than a bracing & witty delight.'

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