Friday, July 29, 2011

Super Humans: Is it ART?


These two clips are of Jackie Evancho; an 11 year old girl who can sing opera, well enough to make ME cry like a baby & I don't even LIKE Opera. The second Video is her singing Angel; a song written & performed previously by Sarah McLaughlin.

Super Humans are those who possess normal brain function, but like a super athlete, etc., there is a likelihood that chemistry lines up in such a way that the larynx & brain in the case of Jackie, or the arm & the brain of a tennis pro are in perfect union to create the sound or the serve that dominates all other humans in their age group.

Is it ART? In Jackie's case, she talks about feeling as though she is 'possessed or something' when she sings, as though her physical self only provides the conduit to a supernatural experience. She simply provides the voice to "show that miracles can happen", in her own words. I tend to agree.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time For Art

My creative self is lacking serious energy...... How can one create Art when the brain is a constantly moving, muddled, interrupted mess? I create when I can putter, wear pajamas, wander around the house, sit down, lay down on the floor & stretch like a cat on a rack, stand up, stare out the window, peer at my collected materials in drawers, walk outside, around the block, on the beach & THEN actually take the dusty old inspiring art books down off the shelf. Flip through pages, stare some more. Take a nap. Then I'm ready. So how long do you reckon that process takes? Time. Some days a few hours, some days all day & all night. How often do I get the luxury? Exactly. My creative self is seriously lacking energy.......

Friday, July 22, 2011

Savant Drawings

There is controversy around 'using' Autistic Savants unusual talents for profit. Most remember the Rainman movie where Dustin Hoffman IS used for his photographic memory as a gambler. The U Tube clip above is of a British savant who can take a visual scan of a city for about 10 minutes, go back to a large sheet of paper & draw that same scan verbatim, down to the number of windows in each skyscraper. Small drawings sell for thousands of dollars. Is this a talent or a circus freak show?

Thursday, July 21, 2011



Postage rates are KILLING me! I sent a 3.5 pound package to India the other day; $55!!!! Heading out now to mail one to Spain & I'm actually SCARED to go to the Post Office. PLEASE! If you SELL OVERSEAS,  stop whatever  you are doing & UPDATE your POSTAGE SHIPPING Settings! DO NOT discount much for shipping more then ONE item either! I'm not putting any less then $20 on anything unless it's a PEA SIZED BEAD!! Well that's over dramatic, but.........  : /

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Peonies & Gabe's Vocations

Look at the SIZE of this beautiful Peony I found laying FACE DOWN in the grass today; so BIG the stalk couldn't hold it up any more! : > 

Today Gabe & I were sorting my things that I sell on Etsy & he found a plastic Rosary. He wanted to put it on & asked what it was. I told him & said that people wear it to church. 

"I'm going to be a ROSY & a dog trainer when I grow up mama!"

Now THAT'S an interesting blend of vocations! :  /