Saturday, February 1, 2014

How To Paint A Queen Documentary by Alaister Sooke

Alastair Sooke is my new favorite Art Critic, Broadcaster & Television Program Creator on Art & Art History for BBC television & radio. He is knowledgable, personable & passionate about the ART world. He doesn't dumb down the material, but does make it accessible & entertaining. I've watched three of his documentaries for the BBC so far on the Treasures of Ancient Egypt, The Ten Most Expensive Paintings in the World & the following called, "How to Paint a Queen." 

"There are more images of Elizabeth II than any other historical figure, but how to paint a queen is one of the trickiest of artistic challenges. Alastair Sooke looks at the depiction of Britain's female rulers, from Mary Tudor & Elizabeth I to Queen Victoria & the current monarch, Elizabeth, & discovers how queenly portraits reveal Britain's changing ideas about women & power."

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