Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Cautionary Tale: The Big Sleep

I had a hyperactive one year old & I couldn't sleep. I was yet to find out the complicated truth about the little cherub of mine, but in the meantime I could not sleep to save myself. You know the drill; days upon days of interrupted sleep & not sleeping while they take a nap because it's the only damn time you have five minutes to yourself to do eight billion things before getting back in the mom saddle. I was a 42 year old first time, sleep deprived mom & it was time for some big guns. I had been on a low dose anti-depressant for years which kept my head above water, but anyone knows you only need to go a few days without proper sleep to end up in loony tunes land. Somehow new mothers are able to be comatose & take care of their kids, but because Gabe already had undiagnosed mania & I was old : >, this didn't work for me. I needed some help to sleep. So, after a quick call to a psychiatrist, I was introduced to a prescription drug called Seroquel & entered, for the next 12 years, THE BIG SLEEP. Thus, this cautionary tale.
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