Friday, July 6, 2012

Voice & Hand

Who knew how important it would be to me now that friends & family who have passed or faded away have left me their little treasures on post cards & letters; in Christmas & Birthday greetings. I was digging through old boxes the other day, cleaning out for a yard sale & like so many times before at some juncture, I was reading the words on a held page, touching & feeling the sentiments of an exciting trip, a lazy afternoon, or a milestone that was being lovingly shared with me. 

Sure, there are advantages to the immediacy of cell phones, the quick update over e-mail or sharing a photo album on Facebook. I send folks funny greeting cards virtually, am writing on my Blog right now & e-commerce is how I make my living! A real comfort to me currently are special voice mails I have saved over the last few years so I can hear my dads voice again whenever I need to.

Still, something has been lost; for me anyway. When I or someone else makes the effort to send a note or travel postcard these days, it's thrilling. I'm much more apt to read something handwritten over again, or to save it in that big, lovely box where once in awhile I still luxuriously linger with pages & pictures in piles of memories & love all around me.

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  1. Nice Diane really nice. I save things like that too - including notes from you!!