Friday, July 20, 2012

Kamil Vojnar

Kamil Vojnar 'Flying Blind' Series 1996

Kamil Vojnar Born 1962 Moravia, Czechoslovakia
School of Graphic Arts, Prague
Philadelphia Art Institute
New York City
Paris, St. Remy de Provence, France

I was first introduced to  Kamil Vojnar in the 90's with the magazine image at left & did not even know the above uncut version existed until seeing the image again among my things recently. I was bowled over at the time with the ethereal quality of these angels who seemed to be taking flight before my eyes & this work continues to be a favorite piece. I wanted to see if I could buy a print so googled his work & low & behold found the image below that I had taken from ANOTHER magazine around 2002 & used in a collage piece that has since sold. Again, I was attracted to the ethereal quality image, not realizing it was also by Vojnar!


  1. what about copyright permission!!!!

  2. I have researched copyright permission extensively for my work. The woman with wings was actually from a magazine advertisement & had already been altered with wording written across it. I took the image and altered it again in a shadowbox. As long as an image is used in a unique way, ONCE, permission to use does not need to be granted. The magazine image on top was not used for art, but was downloaded from the internet as an example. Diane