Sunday, April 24, 2011

Where We Live

I waited 14 years for this little 2 bedroom cottage to become available for Gabe & I !
Front room & kitchen are together & just divided up by a couch. This is door to my bedroom & work space. 

The 65 drawer old library cabinet I tell you about on my Etsy Profile where I store my collections.
Front room wall with my bookshelf / altar & my most prized possession; a glass chandelier from India!
Open kitchen dish cabinet
Bathroom with cabinet I painted & the orange flowers are my nightlights
Gabe's bedroom! He loves outer space stuff so have blow up planets! The lamp is another ugly one I saved!
View in to our backyard. Only window you've seen, but I hope you can tell there is lots of southern exposure! 


  1. Oh I LOVED this colorful tour of your home Diane!! You are so oraganized too - like me- and the colors too - like me. LOVE the bathroom cabinet and the flower night light. I know I would walk into your little magic cottage and feel right at home.

  2. found her! OMG...I want your house! it's just my style too!!

  3. Your sister alerted me to this wonderful tour of your house. I love it,your colors your collections,your talent shining through all of it.
    No wonder you waited to get the cottage.
    I'm so happy for you to finally make it your own.
    It looks like you have space ,and Southern exposure, to grow some veggies or pumpkins for Gabe or flowers for you.

    Best for a bright future. Jan Lyon