Sunday, April 3, 2011

Candy Boxes & Assemblage

I like to visit places in Seattle like The World Market, Uwajimaya Chinese Market, Trader Joe's, Pike Place Market, etc., & always check out their candy boxes from around the world! It's amazing how beautiful, useful (& tasty) import boxes can be. Below is an example of one I picked up at an After - Xmas sale at World Market. It's Almond Bark from Italy that was 50% off of $25.

As you can see, there are some nice images on the front of this box, & a see through  f . I've collaged the top of these boxes before, maybe working around the themes already there & then placing images below the plastic cut out on to the bottom of the box for a great 2-D effect. The bottom of this particular box provides a perfect frame for a collage & is also great for continuing or building a corresponding theme to the collage up on to the frame. Then, as an added bonus, look at the candy wrappings in the third picture! Beautiful vintage photo's on little nicely made boxes and wrappers in paper & foil that can be cut out or scrunched up & used for cover or building up 2-D assemblage images.

The same ideas as above can be used for these or other more ornate Valentine boxes. Cut out the beautiful imprinted foil plastic & place an image of a rose on top for 2-D effects, or to continue a theme. I am a recycler & can figure out numerous ways to use candy boxes!

Of course I always throw out the candy. ....... Ya, right!    : /

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  1. These are gorgeous and who would think that not only is the candy delicious the box and wrappings are just as wonderful!! I also save everything because you never know what you might need!! Glad you didn't throw out that candy ha ha!!!