Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Model For Matisse

 The first thing I'm going to say is, Etsy is A  LOT of work & not for the faint of heart! It's scary initially to take the step to put yourself out there, but quickly becomes enjoyable, a great place to meet other artists & see their work, form good friendships, (Donna : > ) get great help & guidance, (Shayla : >) & marvel at how many talented people there are in the world!

I mention this because one of the ways I relax late at night, (such a night owl! ), is to watch movies & lately I've been very drawn to art themes. Netflix is a great place to seek out titles I might not find otherwise. I came across A Model for Matisse & wanted to share it;

"This charming documentary explores the friendship between artist Henri Matisse and the woman who inspired him to create some of his best-loved works, Dominican nun Sister Jacques-Marie. The 83-year-old nun discusses her days as a model and muse for Matisse, including her role in what he considered his life's masterpiece: the paintings and stained-glass windows of the Chapel of the Rosary in the French Mediterranean village of Vence."

I'm not Catholic & I don't attend church, but if I was to go, this would be the place for me! It's absolutely stunning!

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  1. Wow I took art in college and did know this about Matisse!! I can see why you like him as he is certainly your style with all that color. I am more of a Waterhouse kind of gal!! I have a huge collage I did with all Waterhouse and Godward paintings. I will have to take a pic and show you. Etsy is a great place and I am very glad we became friends!! Great post and great link. Thanks.