Thursday, March 17, 2011

Essential Art

There are a few art items, aside from family photo's etc., that I probably WOULD grab if I could on my way out if my house caught fire. (My art studio did catch fire once by the way, but that's another story).

The following are two photos I've had for many years & put in ornate silver frames about 15 years ago. Yes, I get the dichotomy; oppressed people in fancy frames, but for me, it's stunningly  beautiful, strong oppressed people who are in beautiful frames. The first is a smiling family with a child showing off her (new?) clothes, prior to 'intervention' or resettlement reservations. It's any fleeting moment of happiness & any moment of time & I cherish it's humor & uplifting nature. It's also unfortunately before this family was obliterated by outside forces, who were somehow threatened by their uniqueness, customs & existence. The second photo, which I know even less about, is another moment in time, but what I imagine to be post happiness. She's hard to look at, yet I cannot look away from her strong stance & penetrating gaze.  There may have been external attempts to break her in some way, but her internal, centered strength is real, frightening, elusive & cannot be touched. (Please excuse glass glare; I didn't want to take them out of frames to better pics.)

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  1. The first photo is compelling to me - I can't stop looking at it. I do have a small amount of Seneca in my blood as well as knowing I must have been Native American in at least one past life. It is a stunning photo.