Monday, August 25, 2014

BBC Fake or Fortune?

'Fisherman Tony couldn't believe his luck when he stumbled upon a pile of pictures apparently dumped by a trash heap next to a favorite riverside fishing spot. Tony, accompanied by his daughter, visited an Antiques Roadshow, where he is told by Philip Mould that one of his pictures is worth £30,000. It's an unknown work by one of America's most important 19th century artists, Winslow Homer. How did it end up being dumped & who legally owns the picture?

Philip Mould & Fiona Bruce investigate & the story takes a series of unexpected turns; in the Bahamas they discover when & why the painting was made & who the mysterious sitters were, descendants of a family, Blake, who live not far from the river. In New York Sotherby's, the picture is valued closer to $250,000. Within minutes of the auction beginning, the painting is pulled & turns everything upside down when a Blake arrives & claims the picture. He offers a quarter of the value to the daughter of Tony, who resists. The ownership now is STILL in question. A fascinating video, along with several other investigations. I watch episodes on YouTube.

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