Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fabulous Ghana Coffins

"Kane Kwei’s grandmother died. She had never taken a plane, but often expressed her fascination for this revolutionary means of transport and was wishing, one day, to be able to do so.

Kane Kwei remembers then the coffin which had provoked the enthusiasm of crowds some months before. To honor his grand mother by giving her what she had not been able to accomplish of his living being, he constructs her a coffin in the form of a plane."
"The figurative palanquin connected with the totem of its owner is a special kind of litter used in the Greater Accra Region in Ghana. These palanquins called in the Ga language, okadi akpakai, belong to the royal insignias & were used only by the Ga kings or mantsemei and their sub-chiefs when they are carried in public at durburs and festivals like Homowo. With these figurative palanquins the Ga create ethnic differences between themselves and their Akan neighbors that only use simple boat or chair-shaped litters."

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