Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Norurting Helinn Love"

Scarlett Lewis walked into her home a few weeks after her son Jesse, age six, was murdered at Newtown. There on the the kitchen chalkboard was a message from Jesse, written before he died. "Norurting Helinn Love" or Nurturing Healing Love, spelled phonetically.

"My nickname for Joey was Lollipop because she was sweet, round & sticky. Joey was autistic & had apraxia, which made her unable to speak. She was my life's work. .... I have to take all this energy & help other children who have special needs. We want the world to know about her life. She was amazing & now we want to keep her love going." Bob & Michelle Gay

"She sends me signs. One day I found two tiny white flowers on the floor. All I could think was, "Catherine your wings are beautiful."

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