Friday, December 14, 2012

Some Holiday Perspective

I was going to tell friends & family I just can't find the time to send out holiday cards because there are too many Etsy & Amazon orders to fill. Woe is me. : /

I was going to let you know that our Gabe had a seizure at school last Monday, very similar to the one he had at the ocean several years ago.

I was going to share how sad it is for us that dad isn't here for Christmas ..... & our year of 'firsts' without him has been so bittersweet.

These past few months have bred Hurricane Sandy, increased unrest in the Middle East, a Syrian President determined to kill his own people instead of stepping down & today 27 people are dead, 20 of them children, who were attending elementary school when an armed gunman came in & shot them all before shooting himself.

Gabe is fine. I'm fine. Camparatively, I think most of us are pretty damn fine. xoxo


  1. Pretty damn fine is right comparatively. I had a dream last night that all those children were in white and flew right into Jesus' arms. It helped me some.

  2. Diane, so glad to hear that Gabe is ok... what a week. Thanks for this blog post. Sometimes we get some perspective on our troubles... I know all our hearts have gone out to those families. ~Kathy