Monday, October 24, 2011

My Mary Miracles

Donna, my dear friend, sent me this little Mary, some crystals & a pocket Rosary a while ago & did I need it! I'm a firm believer some items don't sell on Etsy because they are meant for someone special. Donna & I know this, so I got her Mary brooch & she got my Bamboo cross, which she painted the perfect colors for her & put in her lovely kitchen.

Anyway, at the beginning of this month I was SO broke I was just plain scared & tied up in knots. I had just paid off the rest of my September rent plus overdue bills that couldn't wait & there was nothing left. Then I went to my lawyer, (he's representing me in a lawsuit from a job I was illegally laid off from 2 years ago), & his $400 consult fee check bounced before I could get ANOTHER loan from my parents in to the bank. I was beyond embarrassed.

When I got home from meeting him, I randomly applied for ANOTHER teaching job I assumed I wouldn't get & that night I literally got down on my knees & cried, "MARY! PLEASE! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! I NEED HELP! PLEEEAAAAASSSSEE!"

Things slowly started to change. I felt a loosening of my 'anger grip' on the old college & received an e-mail from the one where I had applied, asking me to meet with them. Then sales on Etsy & Amazon started picking up, fast. I drove to the interview & although I nearly blew a worn tire right off its rim on the way, I still made it on time & the friendly woman I met with pretty much told me our meeting was just a formality & she would ask the Dean to sign off on my application!

AND as of today, I have sold over $800 worth of art, supplies & books on Etsy & Amazon & the month 'ain't' even over yet! : >

Forgiveness. Piety. Strength. One foot in front of the other. Prayer. MARY. THANK YOU!! xoxoxo


  1. This story brought tears to me eyes. I am having the same results this month!! I have let go of all things in the past and you know what I am talking about - and guess what? I feel free and money and good things are flowing back to me. Thanks to Mary always and to friends like you!! Much love, Donna

  2. God is good, and His Mama is ours too!

    Thanks for the reminder, I need to ask for help now too. I keep forgetting to give it up ~ and not take it back. It's in Heaven's hands now.....

    Peace be with you!

  3. Hello, my name is Michaela and I am 18 years old. I am a strong catholic and feel passionate about helping others. I beg to borrow marys special rosary beads, so that I can help the sick, homeless, those struggling, non believers etc. I understand that many people want these beautiful rosary beads, because its is a miracle, that changes people's lives for the better. I hope these rosary beads come to me so that I can help others, and then pass them on, so that you are able to send them to others in need.
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    May God bless you always