Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time For Art

My creative self is lacking serious energy...... How can one create Art when the brain is a constantly moving, muddled, interrupted mess? I create when I can putter, wear pajamas, wander around the house, sit down, lay down on the floor & stretch like a cat on a rack, stand up, stare out the window, peer at my collected materials in drawers, walk outside, around the block, on the beach & THEN actually take the dusty old inspiring art books down off the shelf. Flip through pages, stare some more. Take a nap. Then I'm ready. So how long do you reckon that process takes? Time. Some days a few hours, some days all day & all night. How often do I get the luxury? Exactly. My creative self is seriously lacking energy.......


  1. And so what are you going to do about it D.?

  2. I can sympathise with you girl! And don't forget to add heat and humidity to the mix! :P
    I LOVE the link to the make everything ok button!!!!