Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My First Computer

I went back to college at 32 to pursue my Bachelor's Degree & this was the computer I took with me; the first Apple (Mac) computer. Five years later when I was pursuing my Masters, I was still using it.  Was the size of a large ball, could carry it under my arm & thank God was still young enough to see the screen which couldn't have been much larger then 10 inches across. You know what it did? Word processed in B & W with the choice of about 10 Fonts, 5 of which were actually APA acceptable. I lost many a page & pages, DAMN IT!!!, because auto-saving was still to come. It also crashed & burned frequently; although what that meant was having to push a re-set button somewhere on the back & losing everything if it hadn't been saved to the floppy disk. Remember those? By the time I was writing my Thesis, thankfully I had graduated to the next hand me down Mac from my dad which was, in contrast, HUGE & cumbersome. That one wrote in color I think & maybe did a few more tricks, but still no instant saving.

Tonight I am blogging on a Mac 1500 Lap top on the bed. As I write this, I am listening to I-Tunes I downloaded, ironically Dire Straits, which I believe were popular in the 90's?  I hear the bing go off when I receive an e-mail, & am also using the on-line dictionary & calculator while this blog continues to auto save. I copied the picture of the old Mac on this entry from the internet. Before that I was downloading pictures from my digital camera on to my Etsy site that I had altered on Photoshop; oh and I also made sure there was enough $$$ in my bank account.......  see where I'm going with this?

I would no more have spent an extra second more then I needed to on that ol' Mac, unless I was doing school work, or writing a letter or composing a journal entry. In fact, I was probably still writing those entries in a 'hard' journal. I would also be visiting in 'real life' with people, talking on the phone, or actually reading a good book.

Don't get me wrong. I Skype with my cousin in England for free; it used to cost a fortune on the phone. My profession has been on-line teaching for a college & now I make extra income by selling art supplies on Etsy & books on Amazon. I just wonder sometimes what my life would be like without all this. Or at least less of all this convenience? Hmmm......

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